About Made of Analytics (MoA)

Helping other companies succeed online using data and insights. Hi, I’m Jaime Marcos Hernandez, founder of Made of Analytics. I am delighted that you have come here to check out my consulting services.

Made of Analytics founder Jaime Marcos Hernández

Who is behind MoA?

After many years working for Google, I moved on to become the Web Analytics and Conversion Manager for a large group of online gambling companies (Amaya & Rational Group who operate the PokerStars & Full Tilt brands). In 2017, I decided I wanted to share my expertise and created my own digital marketing consultancy.

I consider myself a full-stack marketer who combines the marketing knowledge (SEO, PPC, Copy …) with all the relevant technical skills (Analytics, A / B Testing, Landing Page Optimization, HTML / CSS / Javascript).


Made of Analytics mission is to help businesses succeed online by:

  1. implementing digital measurement plans and web analytics tools.
  2. increasing conversion rates and customer value.
  3. obtaining more relevant and qualified search traffic (via SEO and PPC).


  • I will always tell you the truth about your business and customers based on the data, even if sometimes there are facts you would prefer not to hear.
  • Advise my clients the same way that I advise my best friends.
  • Treat every client with the same professionalism that I bring to my own business.
  • Provide easy to implement tools, which will lead to measurable results and optimization of your website.
  • Help customers with my same ambition: to improve every day.

More than 18 years of experience in digital marketing

I started making websites and microsites back in 2000, and was always passionate about the internet and the possibilities of the medium.

Every day I continue my education to stay abreast of the latest tools and trends in digital marketing.

  • More than 14 years of experience in digital marketing (I studied journalism in Spain 2002, Marketing in Ireland 2009, Data Science 2018).
  • I worked for 7.5 years at Google Ireland: Optimizer and AdWords Account Strategist (4.5 years); Google Analytics and Tag Manager Specialist (3 years).
  • I optimized hundreds of AdWords accounts of medium and large companies in different sectors (e-commerce, health, education, entertainment …)
  • I helped to troubleshoot Google Analytics implementations inside the only team that offered such support to customers.
  • In recent years I have worked as the Web Analytics and Conversion Manager for large online gambling companies.

You can find more details at my Linkedin profile

I woud like to help you with your digital marketing strategy or digital analytics plans. If you have an interesting project, let me know and I will organize a meeting or videoconference to talk about the details.

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