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I started working for Google in 2006 as AdWords Account Strategist and Optimizer. During my years managing campaigns I have helped hundreds of companies improve the performance of their online advertising.

Now as a consultant and an expert in digital marketing using AdWords I will help you avoid the mistakes others have made. If you need help managing your PPC campaign, click the contact button.

Managing Google AdWords accounts for 14 years

If you choose Made of Analytics, your will count with an AdWords manager that has been managing successful Google Pay Per Click Campaigns since 2005. No matter what the budget or market if your customers are out there we will find them and bring them to your site.

I offer more than Google Pay Per Click expertise: I offer user and data analysis that will help you to optimize your landing pages and squeeze your AdWords budget to the maximum.

AdWords is still the king of conversion

Advertising research shows that AdWords is still the best digital channel to drive conversions alongside organic results.

If your business needs relevant and quality traffic, and your organic ranking is still poor, then AdWords is the solution.

But you should also know that AdWords might not work as you expect if …

  • CPCs in your industry are high and your profit margins small.
  • Your landing pages are not optimized: high bounce rates, low conversions, poor UX …
  • Your different keywords are not included within the landing page or they do not match the user awareness stage.
  • Your page speed is slow: conversion killer.

Are you looking for an AdWords expert to manage your campaigns?

  • AdWords management services by a former Googler who worked as an Optimizer’s Coach training other optimizers.
  • I have optimized accounts in many sectors, so I may already know what works in your industry
  • No permanent contract, although I recommend at least 3 months to collect sufficient data and gradually optimize your campaigns.
  • I’ll help you further with your tags. Expert in Google Analytics implementations and Tag Manager
  • Google Certified Partner
  • I’ll create dashboards for you to understand the performance of your campaigns.

Google AdWords expert in Ireland

Are you looking for an SEM agency to drive you to the top?

My advice: choose your AdWords Account manager wisely

Looking online you will see that there are now many SEM agencies (Search Engine Marketing) advertising their services in the management of AdWords campaigns. They all promote their Google Partner certificates prominently on their sites and promise you the world.

However, although certification is important, it does not necessarily lead to successful outcomes. Speaking from experience I have seen some really poor campaigns created by certified agencies in recent years.

You must also be realistic, your immediate goal is to not be on top, but to generate leads/sales at the lowest possible cost.

Here are my tips for choosing the best AdWords consultant or digital advertising agency:

  • Look for a company that tries to really understand your business, margins and costs, … Optimizing AdWords is impossible without knowing that information.
  • Look for a company that has really developed campaigns in your industry .
  • Clearly explain all your goals to your PPC agency or AdWords consultant.
  • Make sure your consultant will measure your campaigns correctly in Google Analytics. You will need to put certain codes on your pages to track your phone calls, leads of sales. Make sure your account managers not only understand the campaigns, but also the technical aspects involved in AdWords and Google Analytics .
  • Ask your agency if they have plans to help you optimize your pages. Your campaigns will not work if your landing pages are not retaining your potential clients.
  • Visit Web Optimization to understand the process of conversion rate optimization (CRO).

It is time to consult with an expert in Google AdWords

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