Google Tag Manager consultant

Avoid headaches during implementation and migration of your tags to GTM.

Google Tag Manager consultant

You’ve arrived here because you know that your company should use the Google Tag Manager to gain efficiency.

However, migration and tag implementation can be complex if it is not coordinated between your web development and marketing teams.

The transition to Google Tag Manager should never be taken lightly, so let me help in that transition with the best strategy and recommendations.

How can a Google Tag Manager consultant help you?

Implementation, migration, training and more

I worked for Google Ireland within the Google Analytics and Tag Manager support team. When Google Tag Manager was born in October 2012, the product was a revolution because it allowed small businesses to manage their tags for free, while only big companies could afford other more expensive Tag Management Systems (TMS).

A Tag Manager consultant will ensure that your organization achieve all the benefits of the tool and can make decisions based on data, by establishing:

  • tags requirements (implementation plan)
  • cleaning and migration of old tags
  • implementation and deployment from development to production
  • subsequent audit implementation
  • optimization and analysis
  • training for your teams.

Help me implement Google Tag Manager

Should you use Google Tag Manager or another Tag Manager Management system?

If you use Google Analytics or GA 360 for your business as web analytics tool, Google Tag Manager complements them perfectly. With the launch of new 360 products, especially Google Optimize to perform AB testing, Tag Manager becomes even more useful.

There are other TMS on the market such as Signal (which I’ve also used), which are more powerful in their capabilities, more often more complex than is necessary in my opinion.

Since Google Tag Manager is a Google product, the integration with other Google tags is really easy. For example,think about the easy integration with Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce.

GTM has very robust functionalities for businesses such as:

  • Version control
  • Preview and Debug
  • Work environments
  • Enhanced Ecommerce
  • Key integrations with other key Google products

Advantages of the GTM implementation service:

  • Your settings will be consistent and in accordance with best practices.
  • Your implementation will be well documented.
  • Your teams will be coordinated for easy and smooth migration.
  • You will have GTM training for both marketing as your web team.
  • Updates from your tags will be faster in the future.

Let Google Tag Manager work with your other systems

Adding new tools to your current systems sometimes cause resistance or reluctance by the development team.

GTM is a really powerful JavaScript injector that needs to be compatible and tested with other of your systems. As a consultant I will make Google Tag Manager fit into your processes and systems.

As a marketing expert with technical expertise, I will help coordinate the needs of all the teams involved in the implementation and make sure that the right people have the correct documentation to complete the work.

I will work with your developers to transfer information from one system to another in a standard way.

Tags migration to Google Tag Manager might not be as easy as you think

The transition to GTM should never be taken lightly. Without strategy you will lose time and you will struggle to see where the mistakes are.

In some cases, we establish stages to move tags, implementing first those that are easier to integrate first, leaving for later those tags depending on external systems or the data layer.

The ultimate aim is to ensure consistency of your data.

Training for your teams

Implementation is not the end point. I will train your teams so that they feel comfortable making changes to tags and updates when necessary in the future.

Google Tag Manager is a team collaboration tool. It currently has a mountain of resources and support documentation. Training is key in order not to get lost among so many features.

If you’re ready to move your tags to Google Tag manager or audit your setup

If you consider that my help can be valuable for deploying the tool, do not hesitate to contact me.