CRO and web optimization consultant

Need help optimizing your website but do not know where to start? As a conversion rate optimization consultant, I will provide you with analysis and a roadmap that will help you move your online business to the next level.

Conversion rate optimization consultant in Ireland

Conversion optimization consultants constantly recommend these 3 points:

  • Understand your users.
  • Make small and constant changes to your website.
  • Test and measure your results.

Using strategy and a scientific CRO approach your conversion rate could increase by 10%, 20% or even more.

The difference between 1% and 1.5% conversion rate does not seem big …

… but it can add a lot to your bottom line

Imagine you have 10,000 users a month on your website and 100 of them convert (1% conversion rate)

Imagine that the average value of your conversions is €100 per user ( 100 * €100 = €10,000).

An increase from 1% to 1.5% is actually a 50% increase in conversions, and in this example would add €5,000 value to your business (100 * €150 = €15,000).

That is an extra €5,000 which can be used to reinvest in advertising, bring more traffic, expand your business and keep you ahead of your competitors.

Large companies know about these small conversion differences

Google, Amazon, Linkedin… employ CRO techniques to improve their businesses.

Conversion optimization is becoming an essential practice in large companies. In 2014, there was a turning point where conversion optimization became a mandatory practice for all high traffic websites. Google, Amazon, Linkedin … all use CRO.

Today, most companies understand that the optimization of their website and user experience are as important as optimizing advertising. The benefits of using CRO strategies are immense, especially because optimization is the easiest way to add ROI to your business without increasing your advertising costs.

Conversion Rate Optimization services I offer

  • Conversion audit
  • Optimization strategy and roadmaps
  • Implementation of analysis and testing tools
  • Help to design and implement tests
  • Analysis of results and conclusions

What companies are my CRO services aimed at?

Medium and large companies that:

  • Have at least 30,000 users or more per month ( AB or multivariate tests need traffic in order to be statistically significant)
  • Generate a profit of €80,000 or more in sales or customers

The optimization process and the methodology used by Made of Analytics consultants

If you’re going to hire a CRO consultant it is very important that you ask what methodology and procedures they use. Although some agencies sell AB testing as web optimization, testing is just one phase of a more complex process, full of tasks and activities. Here is the optimization methodology used by Made of Analytics:

CRO process



This phase aims to collect all the necessary data to obtain an accurate description of your customers and how they use your website.


  • understand your audience
  • understand your business / competitiona
  • understand your website


15-45 days (variable depending on whether your Google Analytics account has been incorrectly implemented, and we need to reconfigure, as happens in 90% of cases)


  • Implementation of quantitative analysis tools: Google Analytics, HotJar …
  • Global analysis of your site.
  • Implementation of heat maps, scroll maps, or move maps to see where your users focus.
  • Qualitative research.
  • Interviews with your online customers.
  • Surveys or web surveys.
  • Usertesting (minimum of 5 users) to users within your target audience.
  • Interviews with your customer service.
  • Analysis of your chat transcripts.
  • Competitor analysis to understand its value proposition and benefits.
  • Analysis of your sales funnel.
  • Drop rates in your shopping cart process (e-commerce).

NOTE: We audit your Google Analytics account to see if it has been misconfigured and whether your data has been corrupted.


We perform qualitative and quantitative analysis on the information collected during the research phase.


  • Discover opportunities.
  • Segmenting your users to find differences in behaviour.


15-30 days (variable if the data in your Google Analytics account is incomplete or your account is misconfigured, as it happens in 90% of the cases)


  • Analysis and reports
  • Segmenting by traffic sources, devices, countries…
  • Surveys and polls analysis
  • Usertesting videos visualization
  • HotJar playback visualization…
Roadmap and prioritization

The roadmap is fundamental. Analysis will bring forth many conclusions and recommended actions. Prioritization will help you focus on those that will bring most benefit from the fewest resources.


  • Discover where to focus your efforts
  • Focus on the opportunities that bring greater benefits


15 days


  • A map displaying problems with possible solutions is created.
  • Priority is given to those tests/ experiments that can bring more benefit and are easier to implement.
  • Hypotheses are created and become potential experiments.
  • Copy, design and interaction changes are proposed.

The design of the landing page, aesthetics and user experience are all important, but the copy is the one that normally has the greatest effect on the user. It is not creative writing but sales writing. Changing the color of a button will hardly affect your main goals in comparison to the effects a good copy change can have.


We create A/B tests and see if different changes affect conversion behavior and your key performance indicators.


Minimum of 3 weeks per test.


  • Tests are implemented in tools like Optimizely, Maxymiser, Google Optimize …
  • Test Quality Assurance: for every test we check that changes work on all browsers, platforms and devices, and do not affect other functionalities of your site.
  • AB test run and controlled so that results can be rigorously compared against the hypothesis.
  • Tests must run for at least 3 weeks and gain a confidence level of 95% before it can be recommended as a replacement for the existing content.
  • The tests can only run on pages with enough traffic, and when there are no other variables affecting the tests: seasonality, advertising campaigns, etc.


1 week to analyze and present results of a test.


  • The test results are analyzed and interpreted to understand why some variations worked better than others.
  • If the results are negative or unexpected it is important to see whether there were effects caused by seasonality.
  • The results are presented and documented for the future to increase awareness within your company.
  • We can create a centralized tests and experiments repository, so they are readily accessible to anyone in your organisation who needs them.

Are you ready to optimize your website?

If you believe that conversion optimization can increase the results of your online business, do not hesitate to contact me.