Digital Marketing and Web Analytics by a former Googler

Helping companies grow with data, no with guesses. If you need help setup Google Analytics or Tag Manager, improve your Google or Facebook Ads campaigns, or enhanced your website, do not hesitate to contact me.

*30-60 minutes to understand your business via Google Meet or other system

Digital Marketing Agency in Dublin and Madrid

What are the 3 key ingredients of digital marketing?

The first ingredient in your digital marketing strategy is relevant traffic. You would certainly like to get more of that to your site and I could easily help you in that goal. But … think for a moment, investing in paid traffic can be expensive.

If you want to succeed online, you would need to apply another two ingredients to your digital strategy formula:

Digital Growth = Digital Analytics + Conversion Optimization + Relevant Traffic

Services for your digital growth

To optimize your organic rankings, your campaigns or your website, you will need digital analytics. Unlike some other digital marketing agencies, Made of Analytics brings customer insights and analytics data to any digital marketing activity or strategy.

Google Ads management and optimization services

PPC Optimization: Google, Bing, Facebook Ads

More relevant traffic

  • Managing and optimizing your advertising accounts
  • Reduction of cost per click (CPC) and cost per acquisición (CPA)
  • AdWords analysis via Google Analytics
  • Implementation of your remarketing or conversion codes or pixels without extra costs
Google Analytics and Tag Manager implementations

Google Analytics and Tag Manager

Better metrics and knowledge

  • Migration from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4
  • GA setup and implementations (recommended via Tag Manager)
  • Measurement Plans: Objectives and KPI
  • Google Analytics Audit
  • Analysis to gain knowledge and make improvements
Conversion Rate optimization services

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

More customers and value per user

  • Research your users and competition
  • User testing, clicks, scrolling and movement maps
  • Interviews, surveys and web surveys
  • AB and multivariate testing
  • Roadmaps for continuous improvement

Are you looking for a full-service digital marketing agency rather than a consultant?

Many of the best digital marketing agencies offer comprehensive services like SEO, web design, UX, PPC, content production, social media …

However, if you do a quick search for the better ranked in Google, you will see that many of them do not mention or include sections for Web Analytics or Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) within their pages.

All digital marketing actions that are not based on previous research or data or metrics can take your advertising investment down the drain. You need to trust someone that have worked no only implementing campaigns but optimizing websites.

Jaime is a top rated plus consultant in UpWork platform
Jaime is a top rated plus consultant with 100% Job Success in UpWork platform
Digital Marketing agency for growth

Imagine how your business performance would change if …

  • your company gets relevant traffic via SEO or AdWords (PPC) with high click through rates, based on high converting landing pages.
  • your company gets fixed Google Analytics to obtain and understand the true metrics that will grow your business.
  • your company have fast implementation of your tags and codes (conversion, remarketing, analysis), without waiting for your development team. (Let me help you with this as your Google Tag Manager Consultant)
  • your company can improve your conversions and average value per customer using a thoughtful Conversion Optimization strategy (see more on CRO services page).

Made of Analytics is run by an ex Googler

Hello, I’m Jaime, Digital Analytics & Marketing consultant, and founder of Made of Analytics, with more than 18 years of experience in digital marketing.

I know how hard it is for you to succeed online when you do not have the time or resources, and you must focus on other business goals.

I helped hundreds of companies like yours when I worked for Google Ireland (2006-2013).

Now as a digital marketing consultant I would like to help you not to make the same errors that others did before. With the perfect dose of digital analytics, relevant traffic and web optimization, your company can also grow online.

Made of Analytics founder Jaime Marcos Hernández

Working for clients all over the world

Clients of Made of Analytics

Made of Analytics has provided digital marketing services to clients all over the world: Ireland, Spain, USA, UK, Norway, Israel… My digital marketing services are:

  • For companies: I provide full digital services from performance marketing to web analytics.
  • For other agencies: Digital marketing agencies that do not have the resources or expertise in Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager often hire Made of Analytics services to do implementations for their own clients. Sometimes, they require Google AdWords audits in complex accounts, and I provide deep analysis to understand performance.

Succesful marketing and analytics cases studies

Migration and implementation of Google Analytics 4 GA4 for Coravin

Coravin INC, USA

We worked with Coravin to migrate from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 for more than 30 domains built in a custom web app platform.

See Coravin case

See all cases

See what some of our clients say about our digital marketing agency Ireland

“I firstly availed of Jaime’s expertise in Google Adwords few years ago. My company Barrowdale had previously been providing web development and online marketing services to a client base of approximately 300 clients. Although myself and my team had developed what I considered to be an advanced knowledge of Adwords and had a good idea what we were looking for, Jaime was able to put what we wanted into practice in probably 10% of the time it would have taken us. I am very happy with the results, with the new campaigns implemented by Jaime our clicks and conversions have increased immensely.”

Oliver Dempsey,, Ireland
All Ears English, USA

“Jaime did an excellent job with this project. He is very knowledgeable about Google Analytics tracking and this job ended up being a lot more work than we had anticipated but he stuck with it and got it done. I also appreciated that he kept me updated frequently. The communication was solid. It is rare to find a freelancer who has the skills and also communicates well. I plan to hire Jaime again in the future to help with any tracking work or for evaluation of my ads. Thank you so much.”

Lindsay McMahon, All Ears English, USA
Adara Ireland

“Made of Analytics provided our company with a comprehensive training session which served as an excellent introduction to Google Analytics for Account Managers, Campaign Managers and Technical Operations Specialists. The previous experience of GA in the room was quite broad – there were complete beginners to semi-experienced users – but I feel that there were valuable takeaways and insights for all levels. The training was interactive and all questions and queries were expertly handed. I would have no hesitation in recommending Made of Analytics based on my experience.”

Will Roche, Adara Ireland

Ready to improve your digital marketing strategy?

As an online marketing consultant I will help you find and implement the data you really need to understand your users and improve conversions. And if you want relevant traffic, I’ll improve your SEO ranking or create Google and Facebook Ads campaigns so that you get the most out of your advertising budget.