Google Tag Manager Consulting services

Do not let your marketing campaigns be stalled by a delay in tag implementation.

More than 300 GTM implementations done for agencies and companies in last 7 years

Google Tag Manager consulting services

Do you wait for a long time until your IT team implements your conversion, analytics, or remarketing tags? Do you generate tags very often and get tired of making constant requests for their inclusion on your website?

If you answered yes to both questions, a tag management solution is just what your company needs. If you need help implementing Google Tag Manager, just click the contact button.

Why your company should use Google Tag Manager?

Save time and resources with this essential tool

A growing number of companies are using Tag Management Systems like Google Tag Manager to accelerate their tags implementation.

When GTM was launched in October 2012 as a free tool, it allowed any kind of company to centralize and speed up tag implementation. Up until then only large companies were able to use the more expensive paid-version tag management systems in the market.

How I can help as a Tag Manager consultant?

Google Tag Manager requires an implementation plan, and collaboration with your developers and your marketing team.

I will help you implement GTM using best practices and ensuring that tags are working as expected with the data you really need.

Initially it is complex, especially when you need to create the data layer (Data Layer) with customized data or implement Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce.

Among my services are:

  1. Specific projects:
    • Setup and full implementation of Tag Manager
    • Migrating your tags
    • Data layer
    • Enhanced Ecommerce
    • Cross-domain tracking
    • Events for AJAX or single-page application (SPA).
  2. Review and configuration auditing.
  3. Google Tag Manager training for your teams.

GTM benefits

  • It is free
  • Tags are centralized
  • Agility and speed of implementation
  • Automatic detection of events without having to modify source code
  • Accuracy of the data collected
  • Improved site performance
  • Cost reduction / increase value
  • It supports predefined tags from third-party vendors

If you’re ready to move your tags to Google Tag manager or audit your setup

I will make sure that your Google Tag Manager setup and implementation complies with the Google recommendations, and that data that you receive in your different tools is accurate. If you think I can help your company, just click to contact me.