Growing number of qualified leads for Icifacial

Icifacial is a Facial Surgery clinic in Madrid, Spain, founded by surgeon Doctor Macia Colón. The Doctor leads a team of expert surgeons in rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, and facial feminization. They offer first free consultation on-site or via video conference.

Digital Marketing case study for Icifacial
Client: Icifacial
Country: Spain
Industry: Plastic Surgery Clinic
Services: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO, Conversion Optimization
  • +300%Leads
  • +100%Organic Traffic
  • +20%Conversion Rate

The challenge

Doctor Macía, Director of Icifacial, contacted Made of Analytics in June 2017 after having worked with other digital agencies that did not provide the digital growth the company was expecting. Main goal of Icifacial was to reach a higher amount of monthly qualified leads that would finally turn into patients.

Change of domain’s name and scarce content of the page led to very little organic traffic and low positions in the ranking keywords within Google SERP (Search results pages).

Cosmetic surgery services have high competition in the Spanish market. That caused Google Ads cost per click (CPC) and cost per acquistion (CPA) to be really high. Hence the advertising campaigns were not providing the expected Return on Investment.

The goal: increasing online leads that become patients

The project started with a conversion and competitors’ analysis which showed a need to redesign the website. The website lacked content, credibility, and testimonials. A lot effort was also put to increase the number of reviews of third-party services.

A full SEO audit and site review were performed looking into URL structure, meta tags, semantic markup, indexing, page speed. The content strategy followed increasing the number of quality pages within the site: new copy, images and videos were generated to target keywords to rank. After doubling the number of published pages, improving URL and site structure, the focus shifted to increase the number of external back-links.

In the PPC front, we started improving Google Ads account and landing pages. We recommended a combined strategy of re-marketing via Facebook and other ads’ networks to complement Google Ads.

Customized panel and reports (using Google Data Studio) were created in order to monitor not only web evolution but also offline conversions coming via phone, so we could understand real campaign performance.


  • Organic traffice: 130% increase in two years
  • Positioning: found on the first page of organic search and top results
    for really high competitive search queries.
  • 300% increase in qualified leads per month
  • Tripled the number of qualified leads reaching the website.
  • Expanded the content to increase brand presence on social networks.


“EXCELLENT!!! My company has been with Made of Analytics for 2 years and I am very satisfied with the results. My business has improved a lot thanks to this company !!”

Dr. Macia Colón, Icifacial

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