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MealPro is a California based online healthy food delivery service with US distribution founded by Andy Sartori in 2016. His meals appeal to fitness-minded professionals without the time to prep and cook. His call-out is “Eat with Purpose”.

MealPro case study
Client: MealPro
Country: United States
Industry: Meals delivery
Services: Google Analytics setup & implementation, Search Engine Optimization, Conversion Optimization, PPC Management, Social Strategy
  • +500%Organic Traffic
  • +30%Conversion Rate

The challenge

MealPro is a meal prep service in California, United States. Online food-delivery industry growth rates have skyrocketed in the last four years. As a startup in 2017, MealPro started with little amount of web traffic, and very basic Google Analytics setup and tracking: Lack of digital measurement, no e-commerce information, and no tools to understand users’ behaviour.

His founder was really willing to learn digital strategy and had clear plans to make the company a success. He was trying to get as many new users as possible within a growing industry: millions of customers in the US have shown themselves more willing to have food delivered at the click of a button rather than spend loads of time buying and cooking.

The goal: Measuring performance, increase traffic and increase sales

Made of Analytics started to work with MealPro since an early stage delivering different projects to help the company grow online.

The first step was implementing measurement for e-commerce. Google Analytics setup and implementation via Google Tag Manager was performed in two domains using WordPress and Magento websites. Full enhanced e-commerce and event tracking was implemented to understand from top to bottom of the funnel.

Then the focus shifted to increase the organic traffic with on-site search engine optimization services. Full keyword research, site architecture/sitemap, semantic markup, and wire-frames for SEO were provided to increase the quantity of content within the site. The SEO audit also discovered a good number of poor back-links from low-quality websites that were disavowed. With an increasing amount of content and proper keyword targeting, the SEO efforts started to pay off after 6 months.

Once website started to get a reasonable amount of traffic, the focus moved to understand users and competitors and how we could improve conversions. A Conversion Rate Optimization project started to provide a road-map of optimization for MealPro. That required the collection of quantitative/qualitative data (heat-maps, polls, surveys, funnel analysis, checkout data).

As a result of the deep data collection and analysis, we decided to redesign the user experience: make more clear the call to actions, improve navigation, explain the service better within the site, and streamline the multiple step checkout into one page single checkout.

Final projects for MealPro focused on gaining more users via Google Ads and Facebook Ads, and implementing a solid social media strategy. A calendar and recommendations for content production, was provided to increase the social interactions and awareness of MealPro brand.

Additionally, we implemented multiple events in the funnel in order to implement email marketing automation using ActiveCampaign.


  • Search Engine Optimization: More than 500% increase in SEO traffic in two-years period.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: 30% increase in conversions after implementing new streamlined checkout flow, better navigation, and explaining better the service.
  • Better knowledge of users and pain points via quantitative and qualitative research. Knowing customers and sales origin has allowed MealPro to redefine the pricing strategy based on different US areas and increase conversions.


“We worked with Jaime on several digital marketing projects. Jaime is proficient in his line of work and added great value to the team.”
Andy Sartori, Google Review

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