Improving metrics and analysis for the Spanish Association Against Cancer

The Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer (AECC) (Spanish Association Against Cancer) is a non-profit, private social entity which has been declared of public utility. It was founded in 1953. The mission of the AECC is the fight against cancer leading the efforts of the Spanish society to decrease the impact of this disease and to…

Caso analitica web para Asociación Española contra el Cancer

Challenge: Improve metric capture and analysis for a vast web with numerous subdomains and targets

Made of Analytics has worked with the Asociación Contra el Cancer in two separate projects between 2020 and 2022 with the intention of improving the data collected in Google Analytics, and create reports that help understand the performance and conversion funnels for different objectives.

The AECC website spans numerous top domains based on Drupal, WordPress, and custom code.

Originally, there were different Tag Manager containers and Google Analytics embed codes at the same time. Electronic commerce was not implemented to capture information from the Solidarity Store. Although the site used Google Tag Manager, there was no proper marketing data layer to track donation and partner acquisition and the value they generated, and no flows or funnels to understand the process.

The goals: Consolidate GTM, implement a data layer and capture the value of conversions

Project 1. Clean and consolidate tracking, and obtain metrics for acquisition goals

During the first project, we embarked on a strategic project to implement a data layer that would allow to track all the objectives: donations, partners, beneficiaries… After agreeing and documenting a Tracking Plan with the AECC team, tracking was consolidated, and old setup and configurations were fixed. Many of the Google Analytics views were removed, filters were installed, query parameters were excluded, and goals were set consistently across all views.

GA’s enhanced e-commerce was implemented in the WordPress shop, to understand the performance of sales and solidarity products.

Project 2. Implement specific objectives to benefit you.

After a rebranding of the website, the Association’s focus is on being able to help more and more patients or family members (beneficiaries). For this, the original Tracking Plan was expanded to be able to capture all these objectives and understand if the Association’s efforts are bearing fruit.

During this project, Google Analytics 4 and all ecommerce events were implemented in GA4. Likewise, a multitude of personalized reports were created based on the analysis of the funnels (conversion funnels) and the routes (path analysis).

In addition to this, we help set up reports in Google Data Studio. We created dashboards to help compare and understand the performance of different beneficiary metrics (social, medical and psychological consultations), and records. Likewise, minor objectives such as downloading informative ebooks or registering for workshops.


  • Consolidated GA settings to be consistent across views.
  • Capturing conversion values ​​for all goals
  • Future-proof implementation with the latest Google Analytics 4 reporting setup.
  • Metrics aligned with the new objectives of the Association.
  • Better marketing reports with Google Data Studio and Google Analytics 4 that allow us to understand the performance of the web.


I had the opportunity and pleasure of working with Made of Analytics (Jaime) on two projects to review and reorganize the entire Analytics environment (GTM, UA, GA4, Data Studio) of our NPO and there could not be a more expert person, more involved and methodical than him. From the beginning of the project he has been involved until the end, demonstrating his great knowledge of the subject and what he is doing. He has been able to implement all our requests to the millimeter and he has gone further advising us on what is best for us and informing us about the entire process. Each meeting was a master class. In addition, he is an open professional, who knows how to listen and communicate perfectly. An impeccable and essential job. Thank you very much!Emilio M. Gutierrez, Digital Projects Manager, Spanish Association Against Cancer