Increasing clicks and reducing CPA for is an online service based in Ireland that helps individuals to find tradesmen in their area. The website goal is simple: users fill a simple form which asks to describe the type of job needed and what type of tradesman the users are looking for. then locate tradesmen in the area who are willing to quote for the job.

Tradesmen case study for Google Ads
Country: Ireland
Industry: Tradesmen services
Services: Google Ads PPC Management and Optimization
  • +30%Relevant clicks
  • -20%Cost per acquistion (CPA)

The challenge

Oliver Dempsey, owner of, was working with Google AdWords for several years and developing the campaigns himself. However, he knew that he could get more Return on Investment from AdWords by approaching Google Ads expert in Ireland. The website contains thousands of URLs for specific tradesmen services for all counties. Although the campaigns had certain structure, the account was missing really specific long tail keywords that would lower cost per click and bring more conversions.

The goal: Restructuring Google AdWords account to maximize clicks and increase conversions

The first step of restructuring was to understand goals and the desired end-result for PPC account. For example some specific tradesmen specialties have major volumes and higher commissions for Dublin was also strategically a more important county. Goals like these affect strategy, which also affects how the account will be set-up.

A complete keyword research was performed to understand the queries and find ways to group the campaigns and ad groups. Made of Analytics restructured the account to get better Google AdWords Return on Investment. The campaigns were re-structured and broken down for main counties and towns in Ireland.

Because of the large amount of campaigns, restructuring with consistent nomenclature is very important. A consistent nomenclature will help filter, sort and analyze data when you need to export results to tools like Excel or Tableau.

The new campaigns were rolled out piece by piece. This is especially important for medium to large accounts. The reason for that is that newly launched campaigns normally have a period of slow performance immediately post-launch. By strategically rolling campaigns out, we try to offset this initial phase.

Another reason to roll out campaigns gradually is to monitor for anomalies. Although great care is taken before any launch, incorrect settings or bids/budget might go unnoticed. It is much easier to monitor and pinpoint these errors with a gradual launch.


  • New structure allowed to obtain 25% more clicks
  • Cost per click was reduced by 30%


“I firstly availed of Jaime’s expertise in Google Adwords few years ago. My company Barrowdale had previously been providing web development and online marketing services to a client base of approximately 300 clients. Although myself and my team had developed what I considered to be an advanced knowledge of Adwords and had a good idea what we were looking for, Jaime was able to put what we wanted into practice in probably 10% of the time it would have taken us. I am very happy with the results, with the new campaigns implemented by Jaime our clicks and conversions have increased immensely. Finally, just to say I am very confident if you hire Jaime that he will do his very utmost to provide you with the very best AdWords PPC management and a full set of services for online growth like web analytics and conversion rate optimization. He is able to connect all the dots when it comes to digital marketing strategy!”
Oliver Dempsey,

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