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Your web site looks great but doesn't convert as much you’d expect? A website is not only about a brilliant trendy design. Its main mission is to convert users into customers and sell. My conversion rate optimization services will help you turn your website into a high-converting digital business.

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The optimization process is laborious: it requires tools, resources and lots of analysis.

More than 95% of users never buy from your site or contact you

In a real brick-and-mortar shop, when a potential customer arrives you can talk to them and understand what they are looking for. However, in the online world users leave your site without giving a reason.

People abandoning shopping cart

The mission of a web optimization consultant is to understand the reason for the abandonment. Only by understanding the true motives, reasons and perceptions of your users can you hope to get more conversions.

How will my conversion optimization services help you?

  • Identify the holes where your website leakes money.
  • Create a strategy and roadmap featuring the changes which need to be tested on your website.
  • Identify what resources or tools will be needed for optimization strategy.
  • Create different approaches to copy and design based on data and research.
  • Run extensive and iterative AB tests to understand what works and what does not.

If you are a marketing executive or director, are part of an ecommerce business, or run a startup, you need to optimize your online offering in order to drive your business forward.

Get in touch today as I can offer an optimization strategy for the next 6-12 months that will make your conversion rates grow.

Why you should implement a CRO strategy in your company?

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is one of 5 ways you can grow your online profits:

  1. Adding new traffic channels
  2. Click cost reduction
  3. Increasing revenue per transaction
  4. Reducing the costs of your business
  5. Conversion optimization.

Various researchs show that companies have now picked up speed in implementing conversion optimization strategies.

Big companies like Google, Facebook or Amazon have all used CRO strategies with excellent results.

And your competition is now probably doing the same thing. So do not let your competitors gain ground … You need to optimize your website as soon as possible.

Benefits of Conversion Optimization

  • More sales and customers
  • You will really understand who your users are
  • Your efforts will be focused on what will bring more conversions
  • You will leave behind opinions and will base your actions on data
  • Steady grow by performing constant AB and multivariate tests

My optimization services are based on data using a scientific approach

As a CRO consultant I use a documented process based on analysis, research and testing, no opinions. Please read the different stages of the optimization process on the following page:

Is your company in any of the following situations?

Without a CRO team

Most companies do not have a team dedicated to conversion optimization. My services particularly benefit businesses that do not have full time web analysts yet still need to guide their online strategy somehow.

With resources, but do not know where to start

You have a team which is capable and interested in improving your website but all the changes made are based on a hunch. Having built a website it is often difficult to see beyond your own perspective of what ‘works’ and what ‘doesn’t work’.

Allowing a CRO consultant to make an external analysis can bring a different view of your conversion problems.

About to redesign its website

Many customers and web design agencies are seduced by the idea of ​​creating something “elegant” for websites. However, they forget the ultimate goal is to generate profits and convert more customers. So it is not uncommon that entrepreneurs later regret when they launch a newly redesigned website.

Search on the Internet for Mark and Spencer redesign to see how much money an unsuccessful redesign cost that company.

PS: Optimize gradually instead of a complete redesign.

Once you understand who your users are, then you can test hypotheses by changing the following elements


The message is the most important component of your website. It is the thing that persuades, encourages, and explains the reasons why the user should trust your products and services. Depending on the awareness stage (low awareness versus completely familiar) short vs long copy, for example, can be tested to compare performance.


The design can affect your conversions, but it is normally not about changing the color of a button or the need for a complete redesign. An elegant design will not necessarily convert more than one that is less elaborate. The real issue is if users do not find what they are looking for, no matter how good your design is, conversions will not improve.


People sometimes do not make decisions rationally. By addressing psychological considerations, such as sense of urgency, scarcity, impactful words, you can significantly increase conversion rates.


Interaction refers to the way users navigate and interact on your website. Whilst attractive, sliders often negatively affect conversion rates because they hide messages and cause distraction. On the other hand, well designed and targeted pop-ups, although annoying, can sometimes be a great source of conversions. Without testing you will not know what works better for your company.

Are you ready to optimize your website?

If you need strategy, a conversion audit with a roadmap, user research, or help to generate tests and experiments, do not hesitate to contact me.

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