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The time to migrate to Google Analytics 4 is running out. On July 1, 2023, Universal Analytics will stop processing data. The sooner you collect data in GA4, the sooner you can do analysis and reporting, and get used to the new paradigm. If you need to migrate to GA4, I can help you.

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Google Analytics 4 consultant services

Advantages of migrating to Google Analytics 4

Google unveiled in October 2020 the latest version of Google Analytics, GA4, which is designed for greater scale, more privacy, less sampling, and powerful tracking across web and app experiences. It is essential that your brand is ready to leave the old GA Universal platform, and collect data in parallel in the new GA4.

Parallel data collection gives brands ample time to get used to the new data model and user interface, while still having the convenience of existing data collection and reporting on the old Universal Analytics platform.

Migrate to Google Analytics 4 with an expert consultant

Upgrading to the new version is not a matter of simply adding a new code snippet to the site. The new GA4 includes significant changes to the event data model and how custom dimensions and metrics are collected. That’s why a completely separate configuration to Universal is required, a new and different strategic approach.

As a Google Analytics 4 consultant, I will help you with the following:

  • Audit the current configuration to ensure the integrity and accuracy of your current implementation and to prevent the migration to GA4 from failing.
  • Create a Google Analytics 4 tracking plan to set custom events, eCommerce data, conversions, dimensions and metrics, which you need to implement and adapt for your business.
  • Implementation of GA4 through Google Tag Manager and a dataLayer (recommended), and configuration in GA in staging and production.
  • Implementation validation (quality assurance).
  • And if you need to make reports based on Google Analytics 4 data, I’ll help you make reports in Google Data Studio, Tableau… (optional).

Platforms on which I have implemented Google Analytics 4

All web analytics implementations today are done through Google Tag Manager, which is a tool that allows you to centralize all your marketing and analytics tags in one place.

I can help you implement Google Analytics 4 in any existing CMS or e-commerce platform on the market: WordPress, Shopify, PrestaShop, Magento…

If your website has custom code, like a React or Angular web app or any other framework, I’ll work with your developers to implement the data layer and all the necessary events to move to GA4.

Why invest in Google Analytics 4 consulting services?

  • Your GA4 property will be configured according to Google recommendations and best practices.
  • You will avoid common errors caused by lack of knowledge in the configuration.
  • Your implementation will be ready in half the time and documented for the future.
  • Your goals and KPIs will be clear and actionable.
  • Your teams will better understand where to focus when looking at the reports.

It’s time to consult with a Google Analytics 4 expert

What changes bring Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

The new GA4 is a significant departure from Universal Analytics in many ways. The latter has been an excellent tool for analyzing websites for years. However, its weaknesses were that the measurement was based on sessions, not users, and its poor ability to measure mobile app experiences.

The new GA is designed for cross-device measurement and enables brands to track all of their digital experiences in a single property. This will lead to less focus on sessions and more emphasis on user and event analytics, requiring some shifts in analyst focus.

The new GA4 is also designed with the cookie-free future in mind. Privacy was at the forefront of architecture. While we will continue to use first-party cookies for now, the architecture is set to accommodate cookie removal or reduction by relying on other approaches, including data modeling to fill in incomplete data gaps.

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