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Now you can get help from an ex Googler and Google ads expert that has optimized more than 2,000 campaigns while working for the search giant. During my years as an AdWords Account Strategist and Optimizer, I managed hundreds of campaigns for multiple sectors (health, education, local services, retail …).

Google Ads expert

Common mistakes that lead to poor PPC advertising performance

During my years as an AdWords Account Strategist and Optimizer, I managed hundreds of campaigns for multiple sectors (health, education, local services, retail …). Now as a Google AdWords consultant, I would like to make your campaigns profitable, and generate great return on investment from your ads

AdWords and its pay per click (PPC) model is the fastest and most effective way to increase the number of relevant customers to your website. It is based on users searching for relevant queries related to your products and services.

When the configuration is correct the AdWords platform is an incredibly powerful tool which produces new customers and sales at a reasonable cost .

However, it is a complex tool that requires knowledge and dedication, and some companies are wasting money when managing their campaigns.

As a AdWords Strategist working for Google, I have seen and solved all sorts of problems and errors in both accounts managed by clients and agencies:

  • Poor AdWords campaign structure
  • High CPCs consuming daily budget.
  • Lack of negative keywords.
  • Same words repeated in ad groups within the same campaign
  • Ad text with little creativity and low CTRs
  • Inadequate budget management for products or services that offer little ROI
  • And many, many more …

Why you should hire my AdWords consultancy services?

  • Having worked as a Google AdWords Optimizer, I understand how the system has evolved over the years.
  • I was Optimizers Coach.
  • It is likely that I am already familiar with, and have optimized accounts for your industry: I worked for diverse sectors as Retail, Local Services, Health, Education, Entertainment …
  • Optimization in Spanish and English. If you need campaigns targeting Spanish speakers I can also help.
  • No fixed-term contract (although I recommend at least 3 months to collect data and accordingly optimize).
  • I am an expert in Google Analytics and I can help you squeeze the most out of your Analytics account, from implementation to analysis.
  • And if you need help to implement conversion tracking / remarketing I can do that through Google Tag Manager (other agencies charge extra fees for those implementations).
  • Finally, I am certified by Google after passing the AdWords exams (as the Googler we had to pass every year).

It is time to consult with an expert in Google AdWords

Do not let these two challenges get in the way of AdWords success

Challenge 1: AdWords requires time and knowledge

Over the years AdWords has become a big monster of functionalities : campaigns of any kind (search, display, remarketing, video, apps …), tools for analysis and segmentation and more.

I often see companies that waste half of their budget on irrelevant clicks with high cost without even realizing it. This is due to the lack of understanding of how the platform works and how campaigns are structured.

Challenge 2: AdWords brings traffic, but your landing pages are responsible for the conversion

When your campaigns are properly optimized, and conversions are still low, the problem might not be AdWords. In more than 90% of cases, the landing page is the cause of low conversion rates.

Sending traffic to pages that offer low conversions is a waste of money.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the destination pages, many companies completely drop the ball and make key design and copy decisions based on subjective feelings, or hunches from past campaigns, instead of relying on research and user based data.

If you want to avoid costly mistakes and wasted time, you must understand your users and what they need… and make sure the right message is on your landing page!

Are you ready to get more customers via AdWords

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