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I do not know all the Google algorithms, but I do understand the mentality of those who work there, because I was one of them.

Search Engine Optimization services

If you talk with any SEO consultant these days they will tell you the same thing: organic search ranking is much more complex than it was a few years ago. It’s common knowledge that the Google algorithm is a tightly kept secret that controls the top organic rankings.

The problem today is that there is not just one algorithm, there are many, elaborated by different teams that might not even know each other or coordinate with each other.

Obviously I do not know (probably nobody does) the secrets of all the algorithms, but I know the mentality of those who work there because I was one of them.

Forget the algorithms for a moment …

and think why does your competition rank better than you?

Google is a search engine. Facebook is a search engine. Twitter is a search engine.YouTube, Amazon, Pinterest, Quora … are all search engines in one way or another. Maybe even you have one search box on your website.

Each one has its own algorithms.

In some engines your company is positioned above your competitors for certain circumstances and searches, however for some results your links do not appear even remotely.

The reason why some website appears above others are based on a single principle: search engines try to offer the user what they are looking for and quickly.

Based on that premise, your SEO approach should follow that same principle.

Competitors are also performing SEO tactics to rank better than your company

What do people that work at Google like?

Your SEO efforts should be focus on the user

Those who work at Google like to do good (“don’t be evil”, was the original motto of the company). They also like websites to be helpful, orderly, creative, efficient, fast, safe …

… and most importantly, that give the user what they want.

So your SEO efforts should be directed to that same purpose:

Offer the users just what they are looking for, quickly, safely and efficiently.

Search engine optimization is not difficult if you follow the recommendations

The sooner you implement what Google says, the better

If Google has been saying for years that your site should be responsive, fast and secure, do not wait until the last minute to make that happen. As soon as a recommendation is announced you should implement it.

Although SEO depends on many factors, including your competitors, you’re the one responsible for keeping your company high in the ranks.

If your content is buried in poor code, your text and images do not describe what the user is looking for, your page load speed is slow, and visitors return to the results after facing friction on your website … you will never appear on the top search results.

What steps follow a process of SEO?

  1. Project Analysis
  2. Keyword Analysis
  3. Onpage SEO – Optimization within the web pages
  4. Offpage SEO – Outgoing Links and content targeted to your pages
  5. Measurement and analysis of results.

Have you tried everything without success?

Then you should consult a SEO specialist. I would like to help you achieve top ranks on your organic search results. Click to contact now.