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Have you tried SEO yourself and the results are not what you expected? Some companies with a recent online presence think that simply creating a website bring them a vast and unexploited network of new customers. However, the Internet is a place with thousands of voices clamoring for consumer attention. If you want your website to succeed on search engines you need an optimization strategy based on research, analysis and planning. With over 10 years experience in digital marketing, let me help you as your SEO consultant.

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SEO in a simplified way

If we forget the algorithms, the keyword density or the generation of external links, the search engine ranking depends on three simple steps:

  • Creating relevant content
  • Get influencers talking about them
  • Wait for Google to note those changes

To appear on the first page of rankings you need to be creating quality content, and promoting it. These are the two main tasks on which to focus, instead of trying to figure out how to manipulate Google’s algorithm for better ranking.

However, other competitors also create and promote relevant content

It is then when small differences come into play and then a SEO consultant can help you . There are many factors that affect the rankings: semantic code, internal links, unduplicated content, titles and correct implementation of metas, page load speed, adaptation to mobile devices, secure protocol …

After analysis and research, a search optimization expert will discover what factors you should focus on in order to appear in the top rankings.

Should you do only SEO over other marketing strategies such as SEM or PPC?

In reality SEO and SEM are compatible activities with their advantages and disadvantages.

If your website and domain are relatively new, your organic ranking is still poor, and you want to acquire traffic quickly, it is sometimes recommendable to use paid advertising on AdWords. Please, check my section dedicated to AdWords to also understand the advantages and disadvantages of Google advertising.

Before hiring an SEO consultant you should know the pros and cons of SEO as a digital marketing channel versus other online marketing activities.

SEO Audit

If you need an external view of the potential problems your site has, the audit will help you:

  • Discover why our website is not visible for certain searches
  • Get recommendations for changes you should implement
  • Focus your efforts on what matters with a roadmap for change.

SEO Consulting

If you need someone to work with your SEO on long-term basis. In addition to recommendations and roadmap, I will help on a monthly basis to transform these recommendations into actions and make the necessary changes to be implemented.

  • After auditing your account to understand the situation of your website, we will establish ranking targets and prioritize keywords to rank.
  • We also train employees of your company responsible for the content generation.
  • Work on On-Page SEO: Content Optimization, indexation, web performance web, accessibility …
  • We will work on improving the technical part of your site
  • We will work on SEO Off-Page: Helps creating content and promoting links

Advantages and Disadvantages of SEO

Why you should invest in Search Engine Optimization?

Attracts relevant traffic

Because users are searching for relevant terms, SEO produces good conversion rates in general. But remember that conversion depends on your landing pages.

Cost effectiveness

Ranking at the top produces high profitability: if you manage to rank on the top for high volume queries, your return on investment will be fantastic. Conversely in AdWords, certain CPC keywords have become so ridiculously expensive, because of hard competition, that they are no longer worth competing for.


It makes you more visible. Some SEO experts exaggerate that your site will become omnipresent in the marketplace. I prefer to explain that you will reach visibility for a large number of people interested in your products and services.


SEO strategy is dynamic. Search bots return to your site regularly to look for changes or new content, this means that you you can refine your strategy as you go to get even better results.

Fixed investment

Your investment in SEO is fixed: The SEO consultants usually charge a fixed fee (unless engaged in black SEO practices like buying links on other sites for which I do not offer services). If you compare it with AdWords, costs can vary because there are other factors such as the influence of competition, seasonality … Check out my AdWords consulting services for more information on PPC.

And the not so good side of SEO:


It is difficult to predict results: in the past I have ranked websites in weeks, now with more and more websites, and constant changes by Google, it can take months to years to reach large volume queries. Because the algorithms are constantly changing, no one can guarantee certain ranks or volume of clicks.


Even for consultants with long experience and knowledge and constant analysis, it is difficult to control the results. The algorithms are constantly evolving. For example, there is now a new algorithm for results on mobile versus results on traditional computers.

Much patience

You must have patience. In the past, it was estimated that Google would index your pages every 3 months. Now probably this period is much lower. SEO requires time for development and for search engines to rank.

Technical changes

It requires technical knowledge and constant collaboration with your developers. One of the big problems I always say about SEO is that most developers do not know about accessible or semantic code, and they are not content experts. When a website is launched with some code or template, there is no turning back, and making future changes becomes a real headache.

Competitors doing the same thing

Your competitors also do SEO. If you do not want to lag behind you must be continuously generating content and obtaining new links.

Do you want to appear in the top ranking of search results?

If the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, then let a consultant help you with your SEO.

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