Google Analytics 4 implementation for +30 Coravin domains

Coravin is a US based company that sells innovative wine preservation systems. These systems use smart technology to access the wine in the bottle while preventing oxygen from making the wine worse, so it preserves longer. The company sells worldwide with a multitude of domains and distributors, and has different sales teams by region. The Coravin wine preservation opener has won different awards for innovation or technology.

Migration and implementation of Google Analytics 4 GA4 for Coravin
Client: Coravin INC
Country: United States
Industry: Wine preservation systems
Services: Migration to Google Analytics 4, Tag Manager y Data Studio

Challenge: Auditing a misconfiguration and deploying Google Analytics 4 for 30+ domains grouped by region

In 2021, Dave Krupinski, Coravin’s Chief Technology Officer, contacted Made of Analytics because the Google Analytics data was not very reliable. Although they had Google Tag Manager and a dataLayer implemented, there were several problems: the ecommerce revenue information was not aligned with the internal data, there were no custom dimensions and metrics, or use of remarketing audiences among others. The biggest complication was making an implementation that was consistent and consolidated for more than 30 domains, built with a custom web application.

Goals: Consolidate all tracking into one GTM container to simplify tag management

After an initial audit and an agreed Tracking Plan, it was decided to consolidate all the tracking in a single Tag Manager container for different domains.

The main focus was to fix issues with the ecommerce dataLayer, which had incorrect values ​​for currencies and certain events. This brought ecommerce data back into line with inside sales data.

After agreeing and documenting a Tracking Plan with the Coravin Inc. team, tracking was consolidated, and all containers, redundant and deprecated tags were cleaned up, and triggers were adjusted to only run on certain domains and languages ​​for not affect page loading and SEO. Removed many of the duplicate Google Universal Analytics views, installed filters, excluded query parameters, and set goals consistently across all views.

Also, during this project, Google Analytics 4 events and all ecommerce events were implemented in GA4 (Migrate to GA4 as soon as possible=. Likewise, a multitude of personalized explorations were created based on the analysis of the funnels (conversion funnels) and the routes (path analysis).

Finally, we help set up reports in Google Data Studio. We created  dashboards to help compare and understand the performance of different key metrics.

Currently, Made of Analytics continues to help Coravin with tracking and web analytics issues, through a monthly support project. To continue implementing tracking issues such as enhanced conversions, funnels for new personalized events…


  • Correct and aligned data with the internal systems: Capture of the conversion values ​​with the correct currencies.
  • Deployment simplification for faster and more agile tag management.
  • Consolidated GA configuration and adapted to the different managers of each Coravin region: roll-up properties.
  • Future-proof implementation with configuration of the latest Google Analytics 4 reports.
  • Better marketing reports with Google Data Studio and GA4 that allow understanding the performance of the web.

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