Increasing bookings and measuring performance for Campsited

Campsited is a camping booking website featuring over 2,000 unique and exciting camping destinations in Europe. Campsited’s goal is to help people find a campsite to take a break and reconnect with what really matters in life: friends, family and nature.

Google Ads Management and GA4 setup for Campsited

Challenge: Audit a misconfiguration, implement measurement, and scale the business

The Campsited founders contacted Made of Analytics in 2019 because the conversion data in Google Ads was not very reliable. With little knowledge in digital marketing, they had entrusted their PPC strategy to different SEM agencies in Ireland and the UK, but none had achieved the results they expected and they were not sure if the tracking information was correct.

A first audit project of Google Ads and Google Analytics, which discovered a multitude of problems, led Campsited to work with Made of Analytics progressively and constantly until today.

Objectives: Restructure Google Ads accounts, reduce CPCs, and implement landing pages and GTM

Every project with Made of Analytics begins with the correct configuration of web analytics and conversions, which is necessary to be able to measure the performance of changes on the web and in advertising campaigns. These are all the projects carried out for Campsited:

Ad audit and web analytics

After an initial audit and a Tracking Plan, it was decided to implement a robust dataLayer with all the necessary data both in WordPress and in a custom web application. All web analytics were implemented through Tag Manager to easily include conversion tags for different advertising systems.

Landing page and basic technical SEO

Agencies that previously worked with Campsited had not recommended creating landing pages and limited themselves to sending traffic to filtered search results pages. This was causing a number of problems: low conversion rates, poor page indexing (low early organic traffic), and confusing and difficult to analyze conversion funnels.

To address the issue, keyword research was conducted for the different markets and a recommended URL structure and site architecture. Created more attractive landing pages with elements to increase credibility and conversion.

Management of Google, Microsoft and Facebook Ads

After managing to create optimized pages, Made of Analytics took over the management of PPC ads. New restructured accounts were created with very specific words for different themes, and low bids to increase traffic and increase the number of conversions. The quality level improved steadily and finally Campsited began to see volume in bookings after 2 years of starting as a company.

Since then Made of Analytics has managed the various advertising platforms (Google, Microsoft and Facebook Ads), and expanded traffic to different European markets, as the company’s objectives have grown.

Expansion and migration to Google Analytics 4

In 2022, Campsited finally migrated to Google Analytics 4 and all ecommerce events were implemented in GA4. Likewise, different reports were created to understand the funnels (conversion funnels).

In addition, different control panels were created in Data Studio mixing data sources from different systems (GA, advertising platforms, affiliate system) in order to understand the total performance of the site.


  • Increased number of reservations and traffic to landing pages.
  • Progressive expansion to different European markets.
  • Thanks to the dataLayer, the configuration of marketing tags is fast and agile, and with low maintenance.
  • Better marketing reports with Google Data Studio and GA4 that allow understanding the performance of the web.


Jaime is a pure data driven expert on everything concerning Conversion Rate Optimization, Funnel Optimization, Paid Ads Strategy and Management (Google, Bing, FB), GTM and general all round marketing knowhow. Delivers under tight deadlines and is always making sure that his reports are detailed, easy to digest and visually insightful for the client.  100% recommended

Eoin Casey (Campsited Head of Affiliates)