Google Analytics setup services

Make sure your GA setup is correct from the beginning so your business decisions are made with accurate data. My Google Analytics setup and configuration services will guarantee that the data you are collecting is correct and meaningful for your business.

Google Analytics setup and implementation services

The Google Analytics (or Google Analytics 360) setup service is aimed at companies that want to start using GA for the first time. Or maybe you are using other services such as Adobe Analytics, WebTrends or Piwik, and you are planning a migration.

If you currently use GA with the default settings and need to check whether it has been set up correctly, then look at my Google Analytics Audit service.

Google Analytics will be set up accurately and professionally

My job as a web analytics consultant relies on several business-related disciplines such as strategy, marketing, sales, statistics … But at the same time I can help you with the technical part by coordinating efforts with your web team.

Your web team will always be necessary to implement the code, because they have access to your platforms and systems.

The process of implementing Google Analytics consists of two tasks:

  1. Planning task (80% of the task): it is important to understand your goals and key performance indicators (KPI), then your different platforms and systems to identify the data that is generated and how it can be unified. Once all of that is defined, an implementation plan is created.
  2. Technical task (20% of the task): with a documented plan, we start implementing and validating the whole implementation.

Why do you need a proper Google Analytics setup?

The default GA code lines give you the minimum. Pasting a few lines of Google Analytics (GA) code on the web is relatively simple. This code is the basis for the default reports, however, you’ll need more if you want to access the real power of the tool (Demographics, Content Groupings, Custom Dimensions and Metrics, Events…).

GA code can be implemented via Google Tag Manager, or other Tag Management Systems, which gives far greater speed and flexibility, but requires more technical knowledge.

In fact, I recommend performing all implementations of GA via Google Tag Manager.

You must make sure your setup and implementation is adapted to your business and your analytical tools receive information from other systems.

A web analytics consultant is a good choice if you want to make sure your data is correct

  • You will trust the information from your reports
  • Your objectives will be clear and actionable
  • Your implementation will be ready in half the time and documented for the future
  • Your teams will better understand where to focus when looking at the reports

Other GA services I offer:

To get the most of GA features you need to go further in the setup

To get the most out of Analytics you need to set and implement the following features, which many businesses and IT teams forget to do:

  • Engaged sessions duration
  • Key events conversions
  • Enhanced Ecommerce
  • Custom funnels
  • Link attribution
  • Referrals exclusion
  • Link to Google Search Console, Google Ads, DoubleClick
  • Personalized traffic channels
  • Custom dimensions and metrics
  • Content Grouping
  • Importing data from other campaigns or sources ….
  • Integration with other systems analysis or AB testing (HotJar, VWO….)

All these functions and the subsequent information derived must be tailored to your business needs. This must then be accurately expressed in a document so that your IT team is able to properly prioritize the needs of the marketing team.

Are you ready to set up your account?

Like any complex system there is always best practice which helps avoid incorrect deployment, configuration, and optimization.