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Forget the complexity of Google Analytics forever: You will see optimization and growth, where you now only see data. My Google Analytics training services for companies cover all the things that a manager, marketer or developer should know for the correct implementation and analysis of GA data.

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Google Analytics training services for companies and employees

For many marketing executives, Google Analytics is still a complex tool. That’s why the forums and Internet communities are full of basic questions.

If you want to optimize your campaigns and business, you need to understand how your web analytics tool works and the metrics that come from it.

Google Analytics is more than reports

After working at Google as a Google Analytics Specialist and providing training sessions to companies in various sectors, I believe that there is still a lack of knowledge as to how the tool actually works.

Google Analytics is more than a collection of reports. Many marketing executives or web analysts still do not understand how the information is captured, how GA is configured to get correct data, how GA is unified with other platforms, or how that data is exported for maximum performance. ..

If you work in marketing, design, development or UX, sooner or later you have to understand the tool. What do you expect to master Google Analytics?

I bring all my experience to where you work

My workshops and training sessions on Google Analytics suit your specific company needs. My customers choose on-site training because

  • It is flexible
  • It is cost effective
  • It is customized for their business

GA courses tailored for companies or groups

  • Full hands-on sessions
  • Training adapted to your organization’s needs
  • Different levels
  • More specific technical courses for your web developers
  • Access to your trainer after the course for specific queries.

Google Analytics courses tailored to the needs of your teams

Understanding Web analytics is an almost obligatory skill for those working in digital marketing, but any member of any team will benefit from learning about your company’s data collection. To optimize a website it is necessary that everyone working on your site is able to use and analyze data to propose actions for improvement.

Marketing Executives

Professional marketers or agency executives who want to understand more about GA.

Web developers

Responsible for installation and implementation of Google Analytics.

UX and design experts

Design inspiration from data-driven insights.

Anyone with an interest

In general, anyone who wants to improve their website and marketing campaigns.

Google Analytics certificate

What you will get after this Google Analytics course…

  • A solid understanding of the dimensions and metrics.
  • Understanding the need for setup and implementation plans.
  • Master key statistics and reporting options in Google Analytics.
  • Ability to export your data to other analysis tools.
  • Use the knowledge gained to optimize and make recommendations.

From the basics to the most advanced

My courses are entirely practical and adapted to the needs of your company.

Since Google Analytics is not a simple tool, I generally recommend around 24 hours of training, a minimum of 3 days to cover all angles: from the measurement plan, to data collection, up to analysis and optimization.

Google Analytics basic

  • Web analytics and measurement plan
  • Setup and implementation of Google Analytics
  • Creating and managing views
  • Definition of goals
  • Efficient account management
  • Tagging campaigns
  • Integrations with other Google products – Google AdWords, Search Console
  • Annotations, alerts, shortcuts
  • Definitions of main metrics
  • Viewing and interpreting reports
  • Custom reports

Other Google Analytics services:

Are you ready to master Google Analytics?

Made of Analytics courses for companies and groups provide a solid training based on more than 10 years of experience working with the tool. The courses will also prepare you to obtain the official Google Analytics certification and to pass the exam with top marks. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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